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Third Party Pharma Manufacturers in Maharashtra

Third Party Pharma Manufacturers in Maharashtra

Third Party Pharma Manufacturers in Maharashtra- With an increase in the demand for Pharma products, the Pharma industry is extending its parameters. Our company, Lifevision Manufacturing is a Top Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Company, found in 2010.

We are a large-scale manufacturer of Pharma products covering a large range of Pharma medicines and drugs, available in over 250+ cities all over India with 800+ employees.

Top Third Party Pharma Manufacturers in Maharashtra- Lifevision Manufacturing- 

We deploy facilities that help pharma companies to provide hi-end manufacturing services at affordable rates. We employ the best marketing techniques to provide our products to people all over the country- in rural as well as urban areas. Our main motive at Lifevision Manufacturing Ltd. is to provide quality and effective products at a very affordable price. We use the newest technology for production as well as research and testing purposes. Due to our good quality of work, many companies have associated with us over the past years. 

What makes us an Extraordinary Company?  

  • Excellent team of medical professionals for research and clinical trials.
  • We have the most advanced technology to make sure the new formulations are creative and up-to-date.
  • We provide top-notch quality medicines and drugs by following the standards set by DCGI, FSSAI and WHO.
  • To ensure the quality of our medicines and drugs is maintained, we take extra care in packing the products.
  • Our company flexibly outsources our medicines and drugs by using the provided technology and resources effectively.

Wide Array of Products Offered by Lifevision Manufacturers

We provide a wide array of different medicines and drugs for a variety of consumers at Lifevision Manufacturing Limited. Some main products that you can find at our company are:

  • OTC Product Range
  • Cardiology Products
  • Pediatric Products
  • Digestive Supplements
  • Anti Anemia Products
  • Antibiotics for all age groups.
  • Powders for external as well as internal use.
  • Homeopathic, Herbal, and Ayurvedic medicinal products.
  • Derma range consists of creams, lotions, serums, soap, ointments, etc.,
  • Capsules, Tablets, Injections, Painkillers 
  • Gynecology Products

We provide over 1000+ products in more than 250 cities of India.


Manufacturing of medicines is a multi-faceted process that starts with testing and experimenting with different products in the labs by professional medical practitioners. Our manufacturing process revolves around the following four pillars:

  • Product Efficiency- Here at Lifevision Manufacturing, we ensure the efficiency of our medicines and drugs through various steps of testing done by professional practitioners.
  • Product Packaging- We make sure the products are packed in a sophisticated manner to avoid any safety breaches caused by contamination due to poor quality of packaging.
  • Customer Satisfaction- We give extra priority to the satisfaction of our clients.
  • Product Quality- We ensure the best quality of raw materials is used in the production of our medicines.

Lifevision Manufacturing is an ISO-certified company. All these features make our company one of the Top Third Party Manufacturing companies in India. Enjoy Best Pharma Manufacturing Services in Maharashtra. Lifevision Manufacturing offers a wide array of medicines at the most reasonable price with the help of hi-end technology and high-quality raw products using all the safety precautions. 

 Some of the key factors are listed below:

o Genuine price of the products

o Aim to achieve maximum customer satisfaction

o Quality assurance

o Timely delivery of the product

o Top quality packaging material

Lifevision Manufacturing is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. All these features make our company one of the Top Third Party Pharma Manufacturing companies and help us gain more fame every day.

Benefits of Third Party Manufacturing

  • It abolishes the mistakes that occur in self-manufacturing plants, ensuring the high quality of medicines.
  • It reduces the work pressure and helps in the higher production of products.
  • Contractual manufacturing helps in increasing the efficiency of work and providing timely delivery of products with no quality breaches.
  • Helps the client to focus on more products without having to worry about the production process.

 Different locations in Maharashtra

Lifevision Manufacturing has extended its branches all over the country as well as has multiple outlets in different cities like Maharashtra. The main outlet of our company in Maharashtra is located in Washim.

What makes Lifevision Manufacturing the Best third Party Manufacturing Company in Maharashtra?

Our company manufactures the best quality medicinal products at the most affordable prices with no quality and safety breaches. We ensure timely deliveries and client satisfaction is our top-most priority. These extraordinary qualities have resulted in huge demand for our products and the growth of our company in recent years. It will be a profitable option for your pharma company to choose us as your Third Party Manufacturing Company.

Contact Details

Address - Plot No 11-12, Danik Bhaskar Building, Sector 25-D, Chandigarh – 160014, India 

Telephone Number - +91 9875959377 

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