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Third Party Pharma Manufacturers in Srinagar

Third Party Pharma Manufacturers in Srinagar

Third Party Pharma Manufacturers in Srinagar – Despite Srinagar's small size as a market, the Indian pharmaceutical business can benefit greatly from the city. Pharma market size in the region is estimated by the industry to be between Rs 1200 and Rs 1400 crore, which may seem large in absolute terms. But Srinagar has served as a significant manufacturing location for several of the top Indian pharmaceutical firms. We are introducing you to the most reputable Third Party Pharma Manufacturers in Srinagar in this article.

At the moment, it appears that acute care is where most production in the area is concentrated. About 65 to 70 percent of it goes toward important treatments like antibiotics and gastrointestinal care. Cardiology, which is regarded as the major market there in Srinagar and several other areas, dominates the chronic category. The majority of businesses are based in Jammu, however many also have operations there. Getting medicines to isolated, steep regions during the height of winter might be difficult. As a result, summer is the shopping season for the neighborhood stores.

List of Third Party Pharma Manufacturers in Srinagar

The pharmaceutical sector has been developing quickly, therefore pharmaceutical producers are keeping up with new technology. Based on a thorough examination of numerous factors influencing the pharmaceutical industry, this is the list most dedicated List of Third Party Pharma Manufacturers in Srinagar.

1 Lifevision Manufacturing

In Srinagar, Lifevision Manufacturing has established a solid name as a Third Party Pharma Manufacturer. We have attained a prominent position in the pharmaceutical industry. Our company is well-known for its PCD Pharma Franchise, Third Party Manufacturing, and Quality Pharma Manufacturing. We have the most up-to-date equipment and the greatest technology in our infrastructure to perform these services. These services enable us to generate a wide range of goods that expand the market reach of your company. Some of the factors that contribute to our large clientele and business success are listed below.

  • The business has received certification from the ISO, WHO, and GMP.
  • Low manufacturing costs enable Life Vision Healthcare to assist its clients in the success of their businesses.
  • Additionally, we manufacture products that are ISO, WHO, and GMP verified and approved.
  • We provide thorough advice for our clients and franchise partners' marketing and promotional initiatives.

Contact Details:

Location: Plot Number - 11-12, Dainik Bhaskar Building, Sector - 25 D, Chandigarh – 160014, India

Mobile Number: +91-9875959377

Email Address:

2 Sonika Life Sciences

Regarding Third Party Pharma Manufacturers in Srinagar, Sonika Life Sciences occupies a prominent place. The company's first goal was to expand India's healthcare industry. Their diligent crew puts in day and night labor to achieve accomplishment in such a short amount of time. Additionally, they offer five divisions devoted to various pharmaceutical goods, including Cardiabet Criticare, Exavon Care, Sanatics Derma, Wells Biosciences, and Wells Ayurveda.

Reputable organizations including ISO, GMP, WHO, and DCGI have granted them accreditation. A wide range of products and excellent consistency form the foundation of their manufacturing. They also closely follow the rules established by the DCGI unit. Last but not least, this pharmaceutical company guaranteed quick financial gain. Sonika Life Sciences is adamant about giving its associates' clients the best care possible. Because of this, they are extremely careful and meticulous while choosing the raw materials and producing each product.

3 Noreva Biotech

One of the esteemed Third Party Nutraceutical Manufacturers in Srinagar is Noreva Biotech. They stand for a company known for its trustworthy products and top-notch contract manufacturing services across the nation. Delivering top-quality pharmaceutical products across the nation is their price objective. They are also widely recognized as one of the top pharmaceutical makers in the business.

Noreva Biotech enables interested parties with an experience in pharmaceuticals to launch a profitable firm without making a significant financial commitment. You can concentrate on marketing while ensuring that the facility and goods meet the requirements established by GMP, WHO, and DCGI. They were able to join the top leading manufacturers of nutraceuticals in the country because of the exceptional quality of their products and their preoccupation with advancing the healthcare sector.

4 Fortune Labs

The top Third Party PCD pharmaceutical producer in Srinagar, Fortune Labs, is also renowned for offering the greatest Pharma Franchise Business Opportunities. Additionally, the manufacturing facility where our Pharma Medicines are produced in GMP & WHO approved. Due to the growing popularity of the pharmaceutical industry in Srinagar, many people are continually investing in it. Additionally, the state and federal governments support this industry to address the growing need for high-quality pharmaceuticals.

5 Aden Healthcare

Aden Healthcare is a top-tier third-party manufacturer in Srinagar with ISO certification. Over 450 various types of items are included in their diverse product ranges, all of which are approved by the DCGI and FSSAI. The firm's wide range of products will surely benefit their future customers and help them develop a strong market position. This is also another noteworthy advantage of funding a PCD Pharma franchise business in Srinagar. To maintain our market reputation, they have been manufacturing a premium, high-quality product.


We frequently provide in-depth information about the pharmaceutical sector. We have provided a comprehensive list of all the information you need to be aware of while selecting a Third Party Pharma Manufacturer in Srinagar. This information would undoubtedly be helpful to your business.