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Top 10 Sunscreen Manufacturers In India

Top 10 Sunscreen Manufacturers In India

Top 10 Sunscreen Manufacturers In India – Marketers and retailers struggle to remain relevant in the beauty and sunscreen sectors because of the ongoing shift in customer preferences. A fascinating discovery has just begun to influence all sunscreen outlets' goods. In terms of yearly sales, sunscreen products are moving up to the top 10 spots in the beauty industry, according to new Cosmetics research. Investors are looking for the Top 10 Sunscreen Manufacturers in India as a result.

In the professional channel, sunscreen products are also growing in popularity. Moreover, it is projected that the expanding e-commerce industry would accelerate market expansion. The need for sunscreen products has risen as a result of technological and product advancements.

There are many different items on the market, such as body lotions, sunscreens, anti-aging treatments, and skin-brightening products. During the past several years, demand for personal care products has increased due to growing knowledge of the many advantages of utilizing them.

Why Should You Use Sunscreen?

Spending time outside is beneficial and healthy and can assist you in getting vitamin D. But staying outside for a lot of unprotected time in the sun exposes your skin to destroying ultraviolet (UV) light.

Ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB) are the two main kinds of sunlight that damage your skin. 
Both kinds can harm your skin’s DNA (the genetic code) and result in skin cancer. But these rays can also create other kinds of issues that result in many unwanted skin blemishes. 

You may not understand it, but all sun harm incorporated over the years. Even if you don’t spend much time outside, you’re consistently under UV radiation. Using sunscreen on a daily basis assists in protecting your skin from UV light and all its harmful effects. 

List Of Top Sunscreen Products Manufacturers In India

Retailers of sunscreen products have recognized the chance that brands provide. In response, they have begun investing in the development of distinctive and alluring sunscreen products to meet the rising needs of their clientele. Sunscreen Products brands are available in specialty beauty shops' entire selection of skin care products. We have provided information on some of the top manufacturers of sunscreen products in India so that you can make an informed decision.

1. Life vision Manufacturing

In the list of the top manufacturers of sunscreen products in India, Lifevision Manufacturing is the most prominent pharmaceutical firm. With decades of experience, our in-house R&D team is motivated, innovative, and original and is allowed the opportunity to work with a range of clients that demand attention to detail and a thorough emphasis on product briefs.

One of the leading sunscreen producers in India, Lifevision Manufacturing has production facilities that are ISO, GMP, and WHO-approved. Moreover, we have the greatest face cleanser, cream, lotion, gel, serum, and so much more. The business's production plant is ISO-certified. The greatest selection of sunscreens from Lifevision Cosmetics has an SPF of 50 and is created from carefully chosen raw components.

Contact Details

Name: Lifevision Manufacturing

Phone Number: +91 9875959377

Address: Plot Number 11-12, Danik Bhaskar Building, Sector 25-D, Chandigarh – 160014, India

2. Zioc Cosmetics

The top manufacturer and supplier of sunscreen lotion are Zoic Cosmetics. They are available with the latest technology to produce a huge amounts of sunscreen products with intact quality. You may choose from a variety of private-label and all-natural skincare items from this pharmaceutical producer. They are in charge of the creation and marketing of a premium sunscreen lotion.

3. Huk Natural Pvt Ltd

One of India's top manufacturers of sunscreen products is Huk Natural Pvt Ltd. Also, they provide you with a vast selection of skin care goods, including bath and body care items and hair care products. A high-end selection of beauty and cosmetics products is manufactured and exported by the firm under the brand name Huk Natural. Their mission is to offer their customers the highest-quality organic sunscreen cosmetics items at the most competitive costs.

4. Aura Herbal Pvt Ltd

AURA HERBAL Pvt. Ltd. takes care of every phase required to build your brand. They will produce your distinctive product line according to your particular requirements, starting with research and development, formulation, product and package selection, graphic design, testing, and production. Their knowledgeable and helpful brand consultants will guide you through every stage, ensuring the best outcomes and propelling your brand to success. They are capable of offering a variety of items of the highest caliber to their customers.

5. Vert Laboratories

Vert Laboratories is an urban and creative company that produces premium natural organic goods of the highest quality using ingredients that are sustainably obtained, expertly manufactured, and priced competitively. They offer full end-to-end manufacturing services, from packaging to finished goods that are ready for sale. These items are conceived and produced in-house, and they also offer marketing and design services.

6. Sadatan Ayurveda

A large variety of goods are produced by Sadatan Ayurveda Pvt. Ltd. under both its brand name and under (the buyer's label). They have contracts with reliable suppliers all around India, so their customers may benefit from both high-quality items and cheaper production costs. Their motivated and highly skilled staff is constantly seeking challenging Research & Development tasks. You can hire us to do this for you at a fair price with the guarantee of total secrecy.

7. Vive Cosmetics

Vive Cosmetics is a popular sunscreen manufacturing company in India that produces an effective range of cosmetic products. They work hard to deliver clients high-quality goods that go above and beyond their expectations. They develop and inspire their employees, build their businesses steadily, find innovative ways to differentiate themselves, and operate honestly and openly

8. Zymo Cosmetics 

The top sunscreen gel with SPF 50 producers in India is Zymo Cosmetics. Zymo Cosmetics also offers anti-aging, anti-acne, skin moisturizers, skin serum, skin oils, lip care, skin & face mask, and other cosmetic product lines. The business is based at Zymo Cosmetics and works with external production facilities for a variety of cosmetic products.

9. Action Life Sciences

For the sunscreen product line, Acticon Life Sciences is one of the leading cosmetics manufacturers in India. Moreover, their product line has FDA approval. In addition to that, Acticon Life Sciences offers the highest-quality sunscreen, face wash products, face scrubs, face serums, anti-aging creams, moisturizing products, night creams, and a variety of other products.

10. Amaira Herbals

The top ayurvedic herbal sunscreen producers in India are Amaira Herbals. They make care to maintain adequate sanitation when packing and distributing the extremely high-quality herbal remedies that aid to improve overall health. Their goal is to deliver quality, and as a result, we are the top producers of herbal sunscreen.

They are devoted to providing the highest-quality herbal goods and managing the manufacture of medicines to improve the quality of the latter or other cosmetic items.


A sunscreen producer is a good choice if you want to sell a wide variety of sunscreen products in large numbers with your name on them. The provider will create, fill, and label your customized-looking product once you select the sunscreen products and hues you want to use together with materials from their collection. Low minimums, quick production introductions, and no product development expenditures are benefits of using goods.

FAQs on Top 10 Sunscreen MAnufacturers in India
Q - Which organization offers the best sunscreen manufacturing services in India?
A - One of the best sunscreen manufacturers in India, Life Vision Manufacturing provides a wide range of skincare products for their clients, making it simple and effortless for consumers to select the best sunscreen as per their preferences.
Q - What elements are used to produce sunscreen?
A - Because of its impact as a UV filtering ingredient, titanium dioxide is frequently a main element in sunscreens. In addition, sunscreens consist of carbon-based light-absorbing compounds like oxybenzone, octinoxate, octisalate, and avobenzone.