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Vitamin D Capsule Manufacturers In India

Vitamin D Capsule Manufacturers In India

Vitamin D Capsule Manufacturers In India – Due to the rising prevalence of cardiovascular illnesses, dementia, cancer, and asthma in older persons, the vitamin D market size may experience a significant rise in the time predicted. It is crucial to consider that now is the ideal moment to invest if one is interested in the industry of producing vitamin D. Pharma the Best Vitamin D Manufacturers in India are presented to you by Third Party Manufacturing, from which you may select based on your priorities.

It is a naturally occurring fat-soluble vitamin that is found in foods like cow liver and fatty fish, making it challenging to maintain the daily recommended intake. As a hormone created from sterols when UV light is activated on the skin, vitamin D serves as a general term for steroids since it demonstrates the biological action of cholecalciferol.

Due to its fat-soluble properties and qualities that may increase the market share for vitamin D manufacture, the product is frequently employed in the production of weight-management products. The feed & pet food market category dominates the volume market on a global scale. Due to the widespread use of medicines in health supplements, injectables, and capsules, the pharmaceuticals category is also anticipated to increase at the greatest CAGR.

Top Vitamin D Manufacturers In India

Companies including Abbott Nutrition, GSK, Cadila Pharmaceutical, Pfizer Nature's Bounty, Thorne Research, and Lonza Group are significant competitors in the vitamin D industry. Businesses are using a variety of growth methods, including joint ventures and the launch of new products, which are anticipated to stimulate market expansion. This is an updated list of the top vitamin D producers in India, along with contact information.

1. Lifevision Manufacturing

Lifevision Manufacturing was launched in 2010. Our distinguished specialists and scientists have identified indigenous herbs and generated novel pharmaceuticals and cures by researching, testing, and developing all of the medicines that we manufacture. They next put the formulation through current pharmacological, toxicological, and safety studies. The business has been successful in realizing its goal of supplying herbal goods and cures to the world market. Their goods' effectiveness and quality successfully represent our focus.

  • Lifevision Manufacturing has a sizable customer base and strives to offer the finest selection of pharmaceutical goods ever while maintaining long-term business connections.
  • To maintain high standards of quality, our effective staff evaluates extremely effective pharmaceutical items.
  • All of our pharmaceutical products are made with high-end purity, precise formulation, rapid alleviation, and long-lasting effects following industry standards. Our pharmaceutical items are also WHO and GMP certified.

Contact Details

Name: Lifevision Manufacturing

Phone Number: +91 9875959377

Address: Plot No 11-12, Danik Bhaskar Building, Sector 25-D, Chandigarh – 160014, India

2. Loripta Life Sciences

Loripta Life Sciences was founded in 2011. The complete product line is made using quality-approved raw materials, which are in great demand on the market from their customers. Its whole product line is offered in a variety of sizes, styles, and technological standards, making it ideal for its devoted customers. Using cutting-edge engraving equipment and technology, their attentive makers give customers items that are free of flaws.

3. MITS Healthcare

MITS Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 2010. They have built a cutting-edge facility that is well-equipped with contemporary amenities for producing tablets and capsules of the highest quality. To maintain efficient and effective operations, they have divided its infrastructure into different departments.

The MITS Healthcare manufacturing facility is well-stocked with the various types of machinery, tools, and equipment required for extensive production. The best technology is also available to them daily. To guarantee the quality and efficacy of their product line following the FDA-set norms and regulations, their infrastructure facility is maintained by a team of knowledgeable specialists.

4. Stellar-Bio Labs

The Stellar- Bio Laboratories Company was founded in 2009. The business creates, provides, and exports substantial quantities of health-friendly medications for both routine and urgent requirements. These medications have a name for themselves in the market due to their quality and efficacy. Their complete production process as well as the formulated pharmaceuticals have been approved by W.H.O. due to their strict stance on quality maintenance.

5. Macro Labs

Macro Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 2013. One of the most skilled and knowledgeable teams in their quality assurance and quality control laboratories. To maintain the highest possible product quality, they continuously monitor and check each step of the production process, from conception to final packing.

From the choice of raw materials through the commercialization process, Macro Labs Pvt Ltd. seeks to give the greatest quality and accuracy. They exclusively use premium raw materials from reliable suppliers while creating their products.


In India, the need for healthcare items is rising. Your revenues are probably going to increase if you work with manufacturers of nutritional supplements as a franchisee or partner for Vitamin D. After looking over the list of Vitamin D Capsule Manufacturers in India, you will be able to select the ideal business partner for your enterprise.